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Hi! My name is Beth. My husband Patrick and I have been together for almost 10 years. We have one amazing son, Avery, who will be 6 too soon. We live in Parma, which isn't very close to Medina, but I found this group before any of the others and thought that there must have been a reason for it. This is our first official year of homeschooling, but our journey of learning together has been happening already for years. I started thinking about homeschooling while I was pregnant and it was something my husband and I both felt was right for our family. So many family members disagreed with our decision (and some still do) so we tried out one year of pre-K due to all of the doubt that started to consume us. Within a few months, we knew that keeping him home was what felt right in our hearts.

Avery loves building with any type of blocks, inventing endless things, and imaginative play. We love being outside, riding bikes, reading, and he absolutely loves math. He also enjoys rocking out with his dad.

Patrick currently works in sales, but may be making quite a career change soon. He plays the keyboard and is teaching himself how to play an electric guitar. He loves camping, music, and animals.

I work part-time as a billing/coding specialist and will soon be caring for a close friend's child. I love to write, read, practice yoga, and bake when I have the extra time. I truly enjoy learning and planning, so I wrote my son's curriculum this year and hope to be able to do it for many years.

Beth Casto
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