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I am Clara Stacko. I have been homeschooling since 2005. A friend and I founded MedinaCHF in 2010 to give our children an opportunity to meet new friends, and to gather with other homeschool families in need of support.

My husband, George, and I have been married since 1997. We actually met through a dating company. We have two sons, Adam (2001) and Luke (2006). Adam just graduated high school.

George is a truck driver and enjoys cycling and mountain biking, and being with his family.

Adam's hobbies include cycling, mountain biking, ballroom dancing, and socializing with his friends. His favorite sports to watch include: basketball, baseball, and football.

Luke loves to socialize with friends, play soccer, play video games, read comic books and humorous fiction novels.

I enjoy social gatherings, helping others, teaching, reading, website design, event planning, spending time with God and my family, and hanging out with my friends.

Clara Stacko
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